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듀코젠, 홍콩 VR Educate 사와 상호 제품 공급에 대한 독점적 파트너십을 체결함.


DUCOgen has signed with VR Educate as their distributor in South Korea

19 March 2018 - VR Educate (VRE) today announced at Filmart 2018 that DUCOgen has signed with VR Educate (VRE) as their exclusive distributor in South Korea. DUCOgen is the forerunner of brining their “ Learning by Doing” Philosophy and is the professional to implement the new technology and VR content to education. VRE was incorporated in April 2016 and provides quality VR hardware, software, content and services to Asia students including Hong Kong, Macau and Thailand and expanding to China, Japan and now with DUCOgen as their South Korea distributor.

Ms. Lanny Huang, Founder/CEO of VR Educate said, “We are delighted to work with DUCOgen to launch VRE services to students in South Korea. We shall first start with a Feasibility Study Project, working with feedback from Korea schools and at Educational Conventions. It is a privilege to work with Leo and his DUCOgen team to bring innovative education to experiences in South Korea.”

Mr. Jungho Park, CEO of DUCOgen said, "Working with Lanny from VRE, we turn education into edutainment. This is in line with DUCOgen's core philosophy of "Learning by Doing" and "Learning by Playing".

About DUCOgen :

DUCOgen is a front-runner in applying next generation ICT including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Cloud-based platform. While applying new technology is a must to advance education, DUCOgen does not forget technology is merely a vehicle; It is what they see the essence in the education that they are trying to provide for the globe. Website :

About VR Educate

VR Educate provides fully immersive virtual reality education experience to help educate students of all ages and races in Asia. Through its immersive virtual-reality educational experiences, VR Educate aims to enrich the learning of students across Asia.VR Educate provides the foundation to do so with VR Room, VR Lab and VR Content Platform for schools and other educational institutions. Website : Facebook :

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